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As a global specialist for graphite, AMG Graphite is already working today on the products of tomorrow, collaborating with its customers and partners to find made-to-measure solutions for a brighter future.

About us

Since its foundation more than a hundred years ago, AMG Graphite has always been synonymous with outstanding raw materials expertise, with production sites in Europe and Asia. On the back of our unique history, our unwavering innovation, market involvement and customer-centric approach have helped shape us into a pioneering company. Our world-leading position among graphite experts is both a responsibility and a source of inspiration.


Do you prefer flat hierarchies and working in partnership with colleagues and superiors? Do you like to work independently and responsibly, and view challenges as an opportunity for creative solutions? Do you have the courage to initiate change? Are you open to reaching new heights? If so, you’ll fit in well on our team. And if you thrive on maintaining close contact with international partners, then AMG Graphite is just right for you.

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AMG Graphite maintains a compliance culture focusing on business ethics as a management task, minimising risk and ensuring a sustainable future. To this end, we work systematically on compliance processes that take ethical standards into account across all business activities.


We have a broad range of brochures, information leaflets and flyers on the various services, products and applications offered by AMG Graphite.

AMG Group

As a global specialist for critical raw materials, AMG Critical Materials Group N.V. leads the way when it comes to technologies and high-quality products to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. AMG has been listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange since 2007.


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