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A special type of graphite

Vein graphite is a truly special product, boasting a highly pure carbon content of up to 99.5 percent. It is easily deformable and simple to combine with other materials, such as copper. Vein graphite is used in battery cells, carbon brushes, refractory materials and lubricants as well as in powder metallurgy and the plastics industry. This type of graphite gained its name from where it is found in rock: The needle-shaped ore forms in wide veins that fill crevices in the earth’s crust.

Its particle size, which can extend into the centimetre range, enables a wide array of products to be made with vein graphite. Part of the reason for its high value is its very limited availability. From as far back as the early 20th century, the world was supplied with vein graphite exclusively from Sri Lanka, where this type of graphite is still commercially mined today. The Bogala mine, in which AMG Graphite holds the majority stake, supplies the world market with the lion’s share of this product. AMG Graphite offers vein graphites of the highest quality in a wide variety of forms – from coarsely-grained lumps to the finest powder.


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