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AMG Graphite extracts and refines graphite at three locations in Europe and Asia.


The parent company for global graphite activities, AMG Graphite (Graphit Kropfmühl or “GK Group”) has its headquarters in Kropfmühl near Passau in Germany. This is where the company was founded in 1916. In Kropfmühl, graphite is mined underground and refined using cutting-edge grinding and purification systems. In addition, ready-to-use lubricant mixtures in powder form and dispersions are also produced here. The Kropfmühl site is also home to AMG Graphite’s research and development centre.

Sri Lanka

At AMG Graphite Sri Lanka (Bogala) – referred to here as Bogala – high-quality crude ore is mined underground. The region’s special vein graphite is then extracted, sieved and ground on site for the world market. In addition, graphite dispersions are also produced here for Indian and Asian customers.


AMG Graphite China (QKG) refines natural graphite in eastern China. In addition, synthetic graphite and expandable graphite are processed at the Chinese site. QKG also serves as a procurement centre for various graphites within the group.


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