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We rate the performance of our products using a standardised method that allows us to track consumed resources and all emissions to air, water and soil along the entire value creation chain. In addition, we also measure specific products for their CO2 reduction when used downstream by our customers – one prime example is the use of our natural graphite as an additive for insulation materials. This reduces energy consumption and therefore also carbon emissions.

In this way, AMG Graphite plays its part in driving the sustainable development of its customers. We enable our customers to perform more efficiently by focusing entirely on their needs, investing in our research and development, and continuously optimising already innovative products and solutions.  

Product quality and safety are of key importance to our business. Our customers trust AMG Graphite – not least because of the stringent control we have over our products. At all our production facilities, quality managers are entrusted with ensuring the safety of our processes and guaranteeing that our production is geared towards precision and consistency. In addition, our research and development teams correct any problems before they can affect the quality of our final products.

We are in constant dialogue with our customers, offering trusted support and supplying both small companies and leading international corporations with the materials that they need for the production of their end products. We’re proud of the value we’re able to create for them.



AMG Critical Materials N.V. is committed to sustainability.

Find out more about their approach to sustainable business on the AMG Group website.

Environmental, social & governance performance dashboard (0.2 MB PDF)

AMG Group Sustainability Report Executive Summary 2020 (2 MB PDF)


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