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As an important link in the supply chain of the modern raw materials industry, we are tackling the challenges of climate change head on. AMG Graphite is committed to measuring and minimising the environmental footprint of its production, with a specially trained environmental, health and safety team constantly monitoring the applicable legal standards.

We are reducing our emissions step by step and striving to conserve natural resources by constantly optimising our production processes. Through the use of new, partly internally developed processes, we are boosting energy efficiency and can now dispose of waste and unavoidable residual products with close to no negative impact.

AMG Graphite tests and evaluates its graphite in all its different forms for potential environmental and climate effects, and recycles a large share of the raw material, including defective batches, test material and cleaning residues. In general, the effect of graphite on other substances can be viewed as neutral. Graphite is chemically inert and therefore not considered to be hazardous.



AMG Critical Materials N.V. is committed to sustainability.

Find out more about their approach to sustainable business on the AMG Group website.

Environmental, social & governance performance dashboard (0.2 MB PDF)

AMG Group Sustainability Report Executive Summary 2020 (2 MB PDF)


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