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Success in business is based on ethically conscientious and reliable actions that put the humane treatment of people first. We create safe, healthy and non-discriminatory working environments and therefore uphold the principles of human rights in business. AMG Graphite puts these values into practice in how it works in the regions and towns where it operates, and extends these principles to include its suppliers and contractors.

In addition to respecting human rights, we see the diversity and integration of our employees as important building blocks in creating a sustainable business. AMG Graphite invests in its employees, fosters the development of specific skills and offers training in all areas relevant for business. We respect the right of all employees to freely decide on their careers and in return guarantee the highest health and safety standards at all our locations.

AMG Graphite is committed to ensuring its employees enjoy fair pay as well as equal and respectful treatment. This approach also helps nurture life skills that benefit staff away from work and therefore make an important contribution to society in general.



AMG Critical Materials N.V. is committed to sustainability.

Find out more about their approach to sustainable business on the AMG Group website.

Environmental, social & governance performance dashboard (0.2 MB PDF)

AMG Group Sustainability Report Executive Summary 2020 (2 MB PDF)


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