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AMG Graphite is open about its corporate structure, financial and tax reporting as well as internal controls and procedures. Our managers ensure that appropriate business ethics permeate throughout the company. Our parent company, AMG Metallurgical Group N.V., has defined a standardized code of conduct to help us in this quest. Our employees are regularly trained in business ethics to ensure they can deliver on the standards we expect.

The broad portfolio and global positioning of AMG Graphite requires a comprehensive and continuous understanding of business risks. We rely on a risk management system that builds on our top-down and bottom-up approach. Decades of relationships with our suppliers provide us with both rapid and deep insights into the risks of the supply chain.

In order to avoid complications in the procurement of raw and auxiliary materials, AMG Graphite concludes long-term contracts with its suppliers, monitors their performance and diversifies the supplier base if alternatives are available. By proactively addressing risks, we can focus on developing innovative, sustainable solutions for our customers.



AMG Critical Materials N.V. is committed to sustainability.

Find out more about their approach to sustainable business on the AMG Group website.

Environmental, social & governance performance dashboard (0.2 MB PDF)

AMG Group Sustainability Report Executive Summary 2020 (2 MB PDF)


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