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Since its foundation more than a hundred years ago, AMG Graphite has always been synonymous with outstanding raw materials expertise, with production sites in Europe, Africa and Asia. On the back of our unique history, our unwavering innovation, market involvement and customer-centric approach have helped shape us into a pioneering company. Our world-leading position among graphite experts is both a responsibility and a source of inspiration.

Company profile

AMG Graphite extracts and refines natural graphite, processes and refines synthetic graphite, and produces dispersions, pastes and lubricant premixes in powder form. Our strong commitment to research and development work ensures that our product portfolio is being continuously optimized. AMG Graphite operates its own mine at its headquarters in Kropfmühl, Germany, and holds majority stake-holdings in graphite mines in Sri Lanka. Since 2008, the company has been part of AMG Critical Materials N.V. and, as a global expert in critical raw materials, it is at the cutting edge when it comes to technologies and high-quality products for reducing CO2 emissions.

Our story

From revolutionary beginnings to expansion into a promising future: AMG Graphite can look back on an eventful and moving history – and thanks to its high level of intelligence and expertise in graphite, it can also look forward to promising opportunities moving forward in this ever changing world.


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