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We believe in nurturing a diverse, committed and motivated workforce – at every level of our company, at all our locations worldwide. Learn more about our unique corporate culture here.

As the only mining company in the Bavarian Forest, we practice and maintain the traditions of our profession – and at the same time invest know-how in the development of innovations such as the “miracle material” graphene. Graphite flows in our veins: Our employees’ strong identification with the company is evident in many members of the workforce’s decades of local service. We are constantly expanding and enhancing the headquarters of the GK Group, making Kropfmühl even more attractive for colleagues in management and production. But we also look outside the box: The GK Group delivers products and know-how to all parts of the globe, maintaining close communication with an array of countries and cultures.

The Kropfmühl spirit is incomparable. You’ll find more than a job with us – you’ll find your calling!


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You have questions and would like to contact our Human Resources department? Then please use the contact form on the right (please note: all fields are mandatory). We look forward to an interesting exchange.

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