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Beyond money and jobs

AMG Graphite is committed to preserving the traditions and history of the regions where it operates and investing in culture and education both regionally and internationally.

We’re all connected by common values – and the goal of always acting responsibly, tolerantly and humanely. That’s why we support “Stiftung Kropfmühl”, a charitable foundation dedicated to funding regional schemes, such as elderly care. Our support for young people is reflected in our many years of commitment to the Passau “Wissenswerkstatt” centre, where young people can gain an insight into the world of science and technology. In addition, we’re also devoted to the preservation of Germany’s only graphite mine open to visitors through a dedicated support association.

With 150 employees, AMG Graphite is one of the most important employers in the Hauzenberg region. Our employee parties, family celebrations and day trips are all intended to reward our workforce for their hard work throughout the year. The highlight for many miners is undoubtedly the traditional “Barbarafeier” celebration in honour of their patron saint on around 4 December every year. Since the foundation of our company over a century ago, the Miners’ Association with its choir and band has always played a key role in this venerable event.

In addition, AMG Graphite also supports local people in the other regions where it operates production facilities – whether it’s building schools in Mozambique, launching a reforestation program in Sri Lanka or helping disabled people in China to lead better lives.