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Natural energy boost

Graphite gets e-cars on the road

Thanks to its versatile properties, graphite plays a key role in e-mobility.

Peerless properties

The black diamond

Like diamond, graphite is made of pure carbon – and it’s built to tackle the toughest tasks.


Purity. Performance. Passion.

AMG Graphite (Graphit Kropfmühl GmbH) is a leading global supplier of high-purity natural graphite, operating its own mines and vertically-integrated production facilities.



Over 100 years of experience and expertise

Since its foundation more than a hundred years ago, AMG Graphite has been synonymous with outstanding raw materials knowledge, with production sites in Europe and Asia. We guarantee the highest quality based on state-of-the-art processes – from raw materials to customised solutions developed in dialogue with our customers. Our strong commitment to research work ensures the continuous optimization of our product portfolio. The AMG Graphite operates its own mine at the company headquarters in Hauzenberg, Germany, and also holds stakes in graphite mines in Sri Lanka. Since 2008, AMG Graphite has been part of the AMG Critical Materials N.V.. As a globally operating expert for critical raw materials, it is at the cutting edge when it comes to technologies and high-quality products for reducing CO2 emissions.



Given its diverse applications in state-of-the-art technologies and limited raw material reserves in just a handful of supplier countries, graphite is one of the world’s most critical raw materials. Natural graphite is in demand like never before! Whether macrocrystalline flake graphite, microcrystalline or amorphous graphite, or high-purity vein graphite – AMG Graphite’s in-house access to raw material sources in Kropfmühl and Sri Lanka as well as various production processes ensure that the company is well positioned to offer natural graphite with a variety of properties, as well as secondary synthetic graphite.



We select suitable dispersion materials from our extensive graphite range based on their intended future use. By manufacturing at our site in Kropfmühl, we are able to produce dispersions flexibly and tailor them to the requirements of our customers. To do this, we first produce powder mixtures, where selected graphites are mixed with functional organic and inorganic dispersing additives on a scale of tons. This serves to make our products more homogeneous and reproducible.



The versatility provided by its crystalline structure is what makes graphite so successful – and so relevant for innovative industries. The GK Group is committed to developing and researching for its product range at the cutting edge, bringing new miracle materials to market for the applications of tomorrow. Expandable and expanded graphite are prime examples of this. As is graphene – the thinnest material on Earth – which combines the hardness of a diamond with the flexibility of an ultra-thin film, offering the most superlatives of any futuristic material.

Graphite is used to produce innovative energy storage and conversion systems. It is the anode material of choice in modern lithium-ion batteries in terms of energy storage capacity, cycle stability and cost efficiency.


Expandable graphite is a flame retardant additive: When heat is applied to the material, the graphite expands and swells to create a protective layer on the surface. In addition, combustion gases are trapped and prevented from penetrating the material.

Flame Retardant

Free electrons make graphite both electrically and thermally conductive – and the size and structure of the crystallites play a decisive role in this.


Graphite keeps things running smoothly: Its particles slide easily on top of each other and reduce friction. As graphite neither binds to dirt nor becomes resinous, it is commonly used for lubricating greases and at lubrication points subject to high thermal stress.


Graphite lubricates well and modulates the braking effect of friction linings. This makes it possible to brake comfortably and quietly. In addition, the thermal conductivity also makes graphite an important material in the production of brake and clutch linings.

Friction Linings

In many cases, several different graphite properties work together and cannot be categorized individually. This once again underlines the advantage of graphite – as demonstrated by its use as an additive in rubber, adhesives, paints and varnishes, masterbatches and compounds.




Where tradition comes to life

Our visitor mine with "Graphiteum" offers an adventure for the whole family in any weather. In Kropfmühl you can experience the exciting world of the miners in Germany’s only graphite mine with all your senses.


Part of a powerful family

The AMG Graphite is part of the AMG Critical Minerals Division of  AMG Critical Materials N.V., a globally operating group focused on critical metals, mineral products and highly specialised vacuum furnace systems, including associated services. The AMG Group employs more than 3,000 people and recently posted annual sales of one billion US dollars.


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